Withdraw PF Funds Without Aadhaar Card Linking

PF Withdrawal Without Linking Aadhaar To EPF UAN Online – There are many EPF subscribers who are struggling in withdrawing their PF because their aadhar is not updated in EPF UAN and when they try to update, some unknown problems occur. Here in this article, we’ll briefly discuss how you can withdraw your PF balance without update your aadhar to EPF, You’ll find even more @EPFOSCHEME.IN

Updated – August 2018

Update EPF KYC Details Online

The Employee Provident Fund Organization changes some of their rules and regulations and one of them is to Update KYC documents Online with EPF and some of the mandatory documents that have to be linked with EPF are: Aadhar, Bank A/C and PAN card.

There are many benefits released by EPFO for those members who updated their KYC with EPF, But If you are one from those members who didn’t update their kyc details, you might missing the benefits that EPFO is giving like: (links)

Why Aadhaar Card Is Mandatory For PF

As we told before, that If the KYC of an employee is not linked to his/her UAN number then there is no chance for him to withdraw PF amount without the signature of his/her employer.

Online PF withdrawal benefit is also not for those members whose UAN is not linked with their aadhar.

Steps For PF Withdrawal Without EPF Aadhar Linking 

In order to withdraw your PF if your Aadhaar is not linked with EPF, you need to follow the steps down below:-

Step 1 – The visitors must download the EPF Composite Claim Form Non-Aadhar (EPF composite claim form non-aadhaar is introduced to members as a replacement of Form 10C, 19 and Form 31)

Step 2 – Fill in the required fields under EPF composite claim form non-aadhaar and don’t forget to take employer attestation as it is mandatory. (Employer attestation is only for EPF composite claim form non-aadhaar)

Step 3 – The member has to attach a xerox copy of his/her aadhar card and Xerox of bank passbook / cancelled cheque.

Step 4 – Now finally submit the filled and attested Composite Claim form non-aadhar to your regional EPF office.

Also Read: How To Fill EPF Composite Claim Form Aadhar & Non-Aadhar (Filled Samples).

Download EPF Composite Claim Form Non-Aadhar HERE.

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