Update Gender in EPF UAN – Complete Procedure

Update Gender | Personal Details | EPF UAN | Online Procedure | August 2018 – Members who want to update their gender details in EPF UAN website, follow our given steps and procedure to change the details related to your gender.

Updated – August 2018

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The wrong gender details in EPFO database is a common issue that many subscribers/members are facing nowadays, there can be many particular reasons behind the wrong gender issue.

sometimes it happens because of the previous company or employer updated the wrong details of their employee, or sometimes it happens because the member didn’t provide the right or enough information to EPFO.

The reason can be anything but the issue is same “Wrong Gender Details”.

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As mentioned above the correction and change of gender details/personal details are under the employer’s hand you can contact them to change or update your wrong gender details, else you can also use the facility of HELPDESK (if it is working).

Contact Employer or Write E-mail

Initially, the employee must have to contact his/her superiors of company’s dedicated provident fund team or HR.

Write down an email to your company’s HR or PF team with the request to change gender details. While writing the email don’t forget to mention 3 important information:

Aadhaar as a gender proof (you can also give other ID’s but only government)

Company Employee ID & Universal Account Number (UAN)

Attach UAN card & Aadhaar card (scanned copy)

These information/details will help HR or PF team to make changes into your details easily.

Grievance Complaint Against Employer

In some cases the employer refuses to make changes in the employee’s personal data due to bad relation or some other reason. In that case, the Employee Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) launched the dedicated portal to their members/employees to file complaint against this type of employer’s behaviour. So, if that happens, you can file a complaint against your employer Here.

About This Information
Update Gender Details In EPF UAN


    • Dear Sir,
      Kindly note, we’re not the official source of EPFO. we are a group of individual sharing and providing best of our knowledge about EPFO. So, you can follow the procedure here on this article to update your gender details.

  1. Dear sir,
    Kindly note, it’s about 15 days my gender correction is not done yet.my employer accept the correction and sent to field office .m very upset for the slow procedure .without gender I can’t update my Aadhar to my UAN

    • Hello Sameer,
      Not sure but this must be a non-updation from the other end. You can contact the EPFO technical team by mailing at employeefeedback@epfindia.gov.in for status.
      You can lodge a complaint about a quick action @ EPF Grievance Portal.

      If you want to know the correct way to file a complaint CLICK HERE

      Hope this information will help you, If you have any other queries, please feel free to ask.


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