PAN Verification Failed Error In EPF UAN – Reason & Solution 2018


PAN Verification Error | Update KYC Details Online | EPF UAN Portal | UAN Error – Pan Verification Has Failed | December 2018 – What to do when you upload KYC (PAN Card Details) in EPF UAN Portal but you get an unexpected error that Verification of PAN is failed “Name against UAN does not match with the Name in Income Tax Department”.

Updated – December 2018

EPFO gives many flexibilities to their members and one of them is that the members can update their PAN details or information by using UAN portal provided by EPFO.

So, If someone wants to update or correct their PAN details on UAN EPFO portal, The UAN (Universal Account Number) credential is a most important.

One can login to EPFO UAN portal and update Their given PAN details by uploading necessary documents online.

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Reason Why You’re Getting PAN Verification Error In EPF UAN

Nowadays, The EPF subscribers coming up with an issue that they are getting an unexpected PAN verification failed error while they try to upload their KYC Details in EPF unified portal like PAN Card Details.

Before solving this issue, let’s know how and why this error showing everytime you upload your PAN detail.

The reason is, when the name of the employee mentioned in his/her PAN card doesn’t match with the details registered in the EPF UAN portal, then he/she will have to face the following error that pan verification has failed because,

Name Against UAN Does Not Match With The Name In Income Tax Department

Steps To Solve PAN Verification Error In UAN – December 2018

The members have to understand that they get this error because of wrong named registered with their EPFO database, so they have to update their name entered in EPF UAN Portal first.

In order to update/correct the registered name in EPFO database, the only thing is to fill & submit EPF Joint Declaration Form.

This Joint Declaration Form is so useful that a single form can also be used to update some other details like:

  • Update/Correct Date Of Birth DOB
  • Update/Correct Date Of Joining DOJ
  • Update/Correct Date Of Leaving DOL
  • PF / EPS Account Number
  • Father / Husband Name

While filling the EPF joint declaration form the member has to mention his/her wrong as well as the correct name after that the member should take that form to his/her employer for attestation process and after that, submit the attested form along with employer’s name correction request letter to your regional EPF office. The time period to update the same is at least 30 days.

Download PF Joint Declaration Form HERE.

What If My Details  Register With PAN Card Is Wrongly Updated?

Sometimes, PAN card details can also be wrongly updated, If that happened, Then the member have to correct his/her name mentioned on his PAN card.

Can I Update My PAN Card Details Online For EPF?

Yes, you can make a correction in your details registered with PAN card online by using the online PAN card application form.

Once you solve every issue related to your PAN details or your information registered in EPF Portal, You can able to solve PAN verification failed error in UAN.


  1. Hello Team,
    This was really helpful, I found what is was looking for. I’ve shared this information in my social networks.

  2. Hi Team,

    While uploading my PAN details in uan portal getting error station error,while pan authentication,could not sent message.

    • The easy way I see is go to PAN website and apply for correction in existing PAN as per the AADHAR and then when you receive it, update the KYC

  3. I am also getting the same error “Error while PAN authentication. Could not send message. Why we are getting this error

  4. My PAN card details Can Not update MY self while upload showing ERROR, “PAN authentication. could not send Message.”

    • Hello Renga,
      Have you checked twice that your name in PAN is fully matched with your name registered with the UAN?

  5. Hi team,

    Yes my name is same on PAN Card and UAN , the error is same from many days ” Error while PAN authentication. Could not send Message.”

  6. Error while PAN authentication. Could not send Message.
    I am getting this error my name in pan card and epfo is same .help me

  7. Hi, The name is PAN card is in different format (Your name and expansion of your initial). But in UAN we have just our name and the initial which makes it not to tally. The pan card is already linked with AADHAR, Bank Info and other major criterias. do not know how to link PAN with UAN as if we change the name in PAN CARD now, it might create lot of difficulties. Kindly show some light on this EPF team.

  8. Pan details are not uploading in UAN portal for last 2 weeks.Its an constant error appearing and still not resolved by EPFO.

    • Hello Ashok,
      We are getting so many queries related to this and According to the instructions issued by the Labor Secretary, complaints coming to Grievance Portal should not be pending for more than 7 days. So, we can expect this issue will resolve soon.
      You can read more about this update HERE

  9. Pan अपलोड नही हो रहा error problems
    Uan और pan में डाटा सेम है फिर भी नही हो रहा है

  10. Hi,
    Even I am getting the same error ” Error while PAN authentication. Couldn’t send message”
    Though all my details are correct in UAN, Adhaar, PAN…
    I am so frustrated..please help..

  11. In UAN & Aadhar initials are allowed but in Income tax pan number initial is expanded as First name so pan name & UAN name mismatch error occurs.Online EPF claim service is under maintenance comes for last four days.when the errors are rectified.Sir please help.

  12. Aadhar & Pan are linked successfully.In EPFO website KYC update Aadhar updated But pan name mismatch comes, In UAN & Aadhar initials are allowed but in income tax Initial is expanded as First name.How do rectify this error.Please clarify sir.

    • Hello Aswini,
      We apologize for the delay in reply, As we’re getting so many queries from our visitors.
      The situation in which you’re in, Is still exist in most of the PF members and we’re trying to get as much information as we can. As per EPFO, this problem is due to some error in PAN Server and their Technical Team are working to solve the same. Kindly wait, or submit your complaint to the EPF Grievance Portal for a quick action.
      Please Note – Click on the given link down below for a valuable information about the correct way to file a complaint in Grievance Cell

      Click Here –

      You can also contact EPFO technical team by mailing at (you’ll get the reply soon)

      Hope this information will help you, If you have any other queries, please feel free to ask.

  13. Dear sir/madam

    I am getting an error pan card verification failed(Name against UAN doesn’t match with the name in income tax department), so please tell me how to resolve this error.


  14. hiiiiii team
    my pan card and epf account name r same but why show name again doesnt match income tax and already i have link pancard with aadharcard ,also update aadharcard in epfo but not update pancard……any solution
    mehul rathod

  15. Dear Sir,

    I am getting an error pan card verification failed. I want to avail advance withdrawal for medical treatment. I need 5000 thousand, will it affect TDS for this??? Please reply???

  16. hi team,

    I am getting error while updating pan information, but after that I did pan name correction as per UAN member portal. it has corrected in income tax office also.
    but then also I am getting same error. so please advice what I can do for above error?


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