Resolve PF Withdrawal Issues Online

Resolve PF Withdrawal Issues Online August 2018 – Get all steps for how you can raise a claim and issue a complaint against your employer. provides you all the latest updates, step by step ways and direct links from which you can resolve your PF withdrawal issues online through the official website.

Updated – August 2018

How Employees Being Hassled By Their Employers

In the past days when the employees were in the urgent needs of money in some emergency situations or circumstances such like: admission of children in medical and engineering colleges, Housing Renovation, Some kind of treatments and much more. But at that time sometimes the employer’s have refused to allow their employees to make emergency withdrawals from their PF savings and then she or he could not utilize it at the time of emergency.

For that kind of cases, the EPFO has released “claim portal” To help employees in their critical situations is what happens with them.

Note : PF account holders or PF members can withdraw PF amounts for up to :

Till at the age of 57 Years
90% of the PF amount
58 years
100% percent of the PF amount



➤ Visitors have to go to the official claim portal of EPFO

➤ Now you have to find and click on to the “Claim Online” on the EPFO portal.

➤ The PF account holder can file ‘complaint regarding provident fund’ when the employer did now allow their employees to make their emergency withdraw for their personal reason. (On the same portal)

➤ EPFO introduced this claim portal to help those emoployees who are facing issues so if the issue is valid it will then be resolve by the EPFO in due time

The Claim Will Not Be Accepted If :

Terms & Conditions

➤ The employer’s can reject their request if the employees tried to make a withdrawal before two months.

➤ The employees should completed at least two months of service in the present company.

➤ Request for 100% of PF withdraw will not be accepted if the employee is not nearly atthe age of 57

➤ Upto 90% can be accepted if employee is not 57 years of age or above

➤ Withdrawals made before five years of continuous service will draw tax



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  1. Hello,
    My name is Deepak Vanjani and I need a little help from you to understand the EPFO functioning in India.

    I was employed with an organization (ABC) in Gurgaon and have recently switched jobs and employed in new organization (XYZ) now. I have got the provident fund transferred from my previous PF account to my new PF account (UAN is still the same as it was with previous organization). Passbook for the previous PF account shows employer + employee contribution has been transferred and new account also has the receiving entry for the same however the old PF account also shows pension fund of Rs. 52,227/- which hasn’t been transferred to the new account. I need to ensure Can I withdraw this pension fund of Rs. 52,227/- associated to my old PF account. If yes, Do you have any clue on the amount that would be paid out, I mean would it be complete amount of Rs. 52,227/- or will there be any deductions? Would this be taxable?

    Please help in this matter.

    • Dear Deepak,

      Yes, you can withdraw the amount but it will not be the 100% of the amount. You’ll have to face the deductions depend on your reason to withdraw.

  2. sir i have tried all methods to merge two pf account but its not working please help me…is form 11 need to merge multiple accounts , this form is to be fill by employee or employer

  3. Hi,
    I have a query regarding the withdrawal of PF of my deceased brother.
    My brother expired in Oct 2014 and we applied for the PF withdrawal through his company. He had nominated my mother as the beneficiary, as he was unmarried and my father had also expired.

    After providing all the documents, the PF office requires death certificate of my grandfather as communicated by the brothers office. Death certificate is not available with us.
    Please clarify whether grandfather’s death certificate is really required or these are the tactics just to delay/deny the amount to my mother.
    Is there any other way same can be claimed.

    • Dear Mohammad,


      (A) Death certificate, in case the application is by the nominee/surviving family members or
      their guardian/legal heirs after the death of the member.

      (B) Guardianship certificate issued by a competent court of law, if the application is preferred by a guardian other than the natural guardian of minor member/nominee/family member/legal heir.

      (C) Copy of blank/cancelled cheque so that the payment may be sent through electronic mode in the claimant’s account.

      (D) Form 5(IF) for claiming the benefits under the Employees’ Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme, in case:
      (i) The member had died while in service,
      (ii) The establishment under which the member was working at the time of death was un-exempted under the EDLI Scheme as on his date of death.

      (E) Form 10D for claiming the Pension benefits, in case:

      (i) The claimant is a family member (Spouse/child below 25 years age as on date of
      death of a member)

      (ii) Nominee for Pension, in case the member had no family and had nominated
      such nominee for Pension

      (iii) Dependent Parents, in case the member had no family at the time of his/her death and had not nominated anyone for Pension.

      (F) Form 10C for Withdrawal Benefit, in case the member had died after 58 years of age and
      had not completed 10 years of service as on date of crossing 58 years age.

  4. Hi Sir,

    My Epf Passbook not Updated From Aug-16 To May-17 These 7 Months and except 7 months my is passbook is updated still But That 7 Months not Upadted Please Help

    Thanks & Reagards
    Manohar Yadav

    I have applied for withdrawal but showing on the portal that it is under process, since 01.01.2018, Please help me out, How much take time it will take to credit in my account.
    Thanks in advance

    • Hello Sunny,
      There is no such deadline for this, But usually, the claims will get settled in 15 to 20 days. Kindly wait for the approval OR you can Track PF Withdrawal Claim Status on the official website of EPFO i.e.
      You can directly contact EPFO team by mailing at
      Note: Sometimes, Claim Settled But Not Credit In Bank Account. approval doesn’t mean that it has paid to you. after approval, it will take some time to credit to the bank account.

      To find more about claim status under process – CLICK HERE

      Hope this information will help you out, If you have any other queries, please feel free to ask.

  6. Hi,
    Keep up the great work! You know, a lot of persons are searching around for this information, you can help them greatly.

  7. I was leave my job, and doing buisness,now I want to Withdraw my PF amount,but i have facing problem to withdraw my pf amount,error is occur during online claim error is ………..claim is not submitted,please try again later…..i have tried so many times but error is still…..and i have already verified KYC….so what is the solution…please help me…..

  8. Hi Sir I have applied My PF for Last 5 days on 5th aprl I havr linked my Aadhar card as well as Bank account i have Submited the claim but it is not going in process I dont no why plz help …

    • Hello Hardeep,
      We highly apologize for the delay in reply, as we are getting so many queries from our visitors.
      Claim sometimes take 10-15 days for a full settlement. Have you checked your claim status now?
      Do share it with us so we can guide you properly.

      Team – EPFOSCHEME.IN

  9. Sir

    My husband is trying to me withdraw after retirement through employer. Pf office deniedvto accept the paper’s as name mention in pan is elobrate and name in aadhar and all documents are with initial. Insisting to change name in aadhar. The pan is already linked to aadhar and every accounts. Even all the certificates property are with name with initial. In this age it is creating problem to change name. Kindly advise .is for retirement pf withdrawal pan required. We are iñ tough situation



  10. Sir

    My husband applied for pf withdrawal through employer after retirement. Of office denied to accept the same staying as name in pan id elobrate and all other documents are with initial. Insisited to change name in aadhar and all other documents as per pan. Kindly advise as all documets certificates and property are in name with initial. In this age it is very difficult to run behind this. Kindly help us . Is pan required for pf eithdrawl after retirement



    • Hello Prabhavathi,
      We highly apologize for the delay in reply as we’re getting a huge number of queries on this portal.
      In your case, we recommend you to contact the EPFO Technical Team by sending them a mail to
      mention all the details that you’ve given us and soon they’ll tell you what can be your next move.

      We hope this can help you, as your satisfaction is our priority. Have any other query? Feel free to ask 24X7
      Team – EPFOSCHEME.IN

  11. Sir

    My husband applied for pf withdrawal through employer after retirement. But pf office not accepted the same stating name given in pan is elobrate . And name in aadhar and all other documents with initial .since he has all certificate accounts and property are name with initial henceb it is creating problem to change name in all documents. Kindly advise how we can withdraw pf without changing name as in this age it is very difficult to run behind this and we have no other financial support inaddition to this

  12. Dear Sir,
    I am not able to claim an amount on EPF unified portal when I am trying to go to online services claim section the site is throwing an exception as Something went wrong,Please try again later.

    Could you please look into this?

  13. Dear Team,

    I have submitted form 13 to transfer my old pf account (Member ID – PYKRP00184530000040608) to my current PF account (Member ID – KDMAL00415050005018298). After that “PYKRP180700001400” transfer claim generated. Now the PYKRP180700001400” transfer claim is settled and it is under process for adjustment to against current account (KDMAL00415050005018298). But however, my previous account (PYKRP00184530000040608) PF amount withdrawal on July 2018 month end and after 6 months, it not credited to my current account.

    I had mail communication with current account office mail is ‘Regional Office Kandivali II’ , and ‘Employee Feedback’ but not get any response from them even on mail I have sent the copy of Annexure-K document for PYKRP180700001400 transfer Claim.

    Please help me sort out this issue. Let me know any additional information required.


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