1. sir we join the job 4/4/1986 on 15/3/2010 we left the job and we make pension scemee certificate then my basic salery is 5200 after 2month we join new job and now we work present my basic is 13000 per month sir if we left the job now which basic my pension make and pluse this year in my before year

  2. sit I have joined the service from 04/04/84and take VRS as per govt policy in may 2001 I was regulr pf member from 1984 to tii date of retirement. I have not apply for pension from 50years age and now apply after 58 years completion but no difference getting the pension amount in age 50years or 58 years while I am loosing pension arrears from 50 years kindly suggest for getting the arrears on age from 50 years.

  3. Dear sir,
    my date of birth is 15.11.1959 and I have ceased from job on 30.04.2010. As on date should I claim earlier pension from 01.05.2010. Kindly help.


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