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Link Aadhar Without EPFO Portal | EPF UAN Aadhar Linking Online With eKYC Portal | August 2018 – Recently, EPFO has introduced a newer way to link the aadhar number with EPF UAN. where one can link his/her aadhar number online without login to EPFO portal. Here on this article, we’ll tell you the benefits and complete procedure @EPFOSCHEME.IN

Updated – August 2018

In previous days, The only way to link aadhar with EPF was to login to Unified Member Portal and then the members have to follow the steps.

You can also follow the old procedure of linking Aahaar Number With EPF UAN – OFFLINE & ONLINE.

How to link Aadhaar With EPF UAN Using eKYC Portal?

  1. The subscriber must visit the official EPFO portal in order to link his/her aadhar.
  2. When you are on the main page of EPFO portal you will see a section named “ONLINE SERVICES” where you have to find and click on the “eKYC Portal” to start the further process.
  3. Now, you will see a new window showing you the main page of eKYC portal.
  4. You must follow the right side of the page where you’ll find the Login Section. Right after the login section, you will see a section named “FOR EPFO MEMBER’s” which itself contain 2 different links and visitors have to follow the second link named “LINK UAN AADHAAR”.
  5. A new window will now pop up showing you a new form that every member has to fill in (as shown in the image down below). In this form, there will be different fields that you have to fill.

The above Aadhar Linking FORM will contain these fields:

UAN – The Universal Account Number is mandatory for this procedure. the person cannot link his/her aadhar if the UAN is not available. (To know about your UAN Registration, Login, Activation CLICK HERE)

MOBILE NO (LINKED WITH UAN) – Visitors must provide their mobile number which is registered with the EPFO database, as you will receive an OTP on this. (To change or update your mobile number is EPFO database CLICK HERE)

CONFIRM OTP – The One Time Password will be sent to your number via Text SMS, fill it in the confirm OTP field.

AADHAAR – As usual, the aadhar number is must for this procedure, fill in your aadhar number in given field.

Benefits of Linking Aadhar with EPF UAN

★ Connecting or merging the multiple UAN numbers will become easy for you and for EPFO as well.

★ Fewer documents will be necessary as the Aadhaar itself contains all of your identity which is mandatory like Identity Proof & Address Proof.

★ Date of Birth, Name and Address details as well as your photograph will be cover by linking aadhar.

★ While doing withdrawal, it will become easy for Employees Provident Fund Organisation to verify your KYC.

How To Track eKYC Aadhar Linking Status

  • To track the status, visitors must go to the eKYC portal then under the member section you will find an option named “Track eKYC”.
  • Now, a new window will popup showing you some details in which you have you fill in your UAN number to track eKYC.
  • Fill in your UAN number and hit “Track e KYC”
  • You can now see the information about your eKYC status.

Note: If the visitor’s Aadhaar number is linked but the system shows up some kind of error or mismatch you will see a warning/update information.

Errors During EPF Aadhar Linking

  • Aadhaar authentication failed for epf
  • Aadhaar authentication failed. aadhaar number name dob or gender mismatch with registered data. epfo
  • Unexpected error occured. error at the time of aadhaar authentication. epf
  • invalid gender details for aadhaar authentication. epf
  • aadhar could not be verified against uan
  • aadhaar authentication failed in uan portal
  • aadhaar is not authenticated from UIDAI

If there is any technical problem during the linking process, please email at for help.


  1. SIR,


    • Dear Kusuma,
      You can update your aadhar details by visiting nearest aadhaar enrolment centre where you have to fill a form for updation/correction and submit it with the previous aadhaar details. After successfully submitted, It will be updated within 15 days.

  2. Hi Sir,
    while am trying to link adhaar with UAN it Throws an error like.,
    Dear Member,
    Your Aadhaar Details (Name) —- —- —- against UAN No
    has not matched.

    Kindly update your details.

    Anyone can help me in this regards.

    • Hello Sudhi,

      Thanks for your appreciated words. If you have any queries, feel free to ask, we happy to help you.


  3. Hi sir,
    While linking my aadhar no. to UAN(for pf withdrawal) it show either name, dob,gender mismatch. I contacted my employeer, but he said we correctly entered the data while some sources said it is the employeer who can this problem can be resolved and by whom.
    Plz help

  4. Hi sir

    While linking my aadahar card, after entering my uan no,otp and aadhar no their..thr next page appears there we have to click on proceed for verification..and after clicking on that the next page appears that page was totally blank the page name was aadhar otp but there was no option…how to resolve this sir

    Plzz help

    • Hello,
      Not sure sir, This must be a technical issue from the website. Wait for sometime and kindly try again later, If the problem still exists, let us know.
      Team – EPFOSCHEME.IN

  5. After entering the UAN, the OTP and the Aaadhar Number when I press the submit button, it takes me to a page which has a button “Proceed for verification” . When I hit that button, a blan page opens and nothing happens.

    • Hello Venu,
      We are getting many queries related to this issue. Though we cannot do anything because this must be a technical issue form the other side, Kindly wait and try after some time. Let us know if the problem still exists.
      Thanks & Regards,
      Team – EPFOSCHEME.IN

    • Hello Lokappa,
      Recently, the EPFO has made it much easier for the member to get their UAN. They called it “DIRECT UAN ALLOTMENT”. If you are not familiar with this, you can check out our given link, read the article and follow the same in order to get your UAN on your own.
      If you have any other queries, please feel free to ask. We’ll happy to help you.
      Team – EPFOSCHEME.IN

      Click Here:

  6. Hi sir,
    I really like and appreciate your article. But, my issue is that everytime I’m trying to link my aadhar, I get an error that aadhar data mismatched. So due to this, I am unable to link my KYC details with my UAN number

  7. Dear sir

    Can a member incorporate his bank account UAN account without the employer support. If yes please provide me the procedure.



  8. Hi,

    I have already updated my Aadhar and PAN number in my UAN EPFO, it shows verified, but when I checked now, it shows that unverified. Also I am getting a notification as Only Verifies KYC such as AADHAR, PAN which are digitally approved will be considered for availing any services.

    Can you please help me what I need to do for this.


    • Hello Sir,
      Maybee, This is due to un verification by your employer as it is must that your employer should approve your uploaded KYC with their digital signature. You should contact your employer soon OR can ask for help to the official authorities by mailing at

  9. Hello EPFOSCHEME,
    While I was doing UAN Aadhar Linking, I mistakenly linked my father’s account with the same. Please, can you suggest me what can I do now?

    • Hello Sai Kumar,
      Maybee, you should contact your employer OR should visit your regional EPF office soon with the original documents and an application for officials to correct your mistakenly linked UAN with Aadhar. You can also contact the EPFO technical team by mailing at

  10. Dear Sir/Madam,
    Good Afternoon,
    My Employer accepted and approved my KYC like PAN Card and Aadhaar ID Card with DSC and those were sent to EPFO. PAN Card can be seen and updated with UAN logged Home page and showing that Aadhaar approval is still pending at Field Office. Around 20 days are over till date and approval from EPFO is pending. What is the Reason behind. Where i need to complaint about this??? I am from Kerala and EPFO is at New Delhi.
    So please guide me…
    Awaiting for your Valuable reply,

    • Hi Santosh,
      Hope you’re having a good day too.
      That must be a non-updation from the other end and maybe that’s why you’re facing problems. you should raise a complaint in the EPF Grievance Cell so that they can take quick action against the unwanted error.
      After the complaint, you can also view status under the “STATUS” section.

      If you don’t know how to raise a complaint in the Grievance Cell, Please CLICK HERE

      Hope this information will help you, If you have any other queries, please feel free to ask and keep visiting our Portal for more.

  11. hello sir ,
    Despite of every correct details filled for my Aadhar link up to EPFO also tried in ( )still its showing mismatch for date of birth , gender and all and thats why i am not able to withdraw money ….. kindly suggest and do needful.
    nirad sutaria

    • Hello Nirad,
      If you’ve followed every step correctly but still getting the error. Then this must be a technical issue from the other end. You should contact the EPFO Technical Team by mailing at OR you can file a complaint in the EPFO Grievance Portal for a quick action. Please let us know if you don’t know how to file a complaint. We will guide you step by step.

      Hope you like our given information, Do share your experience with a reply back.
      Team – EPFOSCHEME.IN


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