1. Sir,
    My name is kota venkata krishnaveni but in epf data, my name is wrongly entered “Mr.Kota venkata krishna veni”. My details are now mismatched in epf data.
    Please correct my epf details.

    • Dear Sir,
      This is not an official portal of EPFO. We are just a group of individual, spreading a fine knowledge to all the EPF subscribers. The only way to correct your wrong name is you must contact your employer for correction the same.

  2. Dear EPFO,
    My Orginal Name is DUSMANTA BEHERA but EPF Name is DUSMANT BEHERA .How to name change in EPF Account My Orginal Name?

  3. How to correct my name in EPFO through online
    Give me solution and please help me.
    I cannot update the Adhaar & PAN details due to misatch of Name in EPFO

  4. Hi Sir/Mam,

    My name is Basant Kumar and my UAN is – 100xxxxxx434 but whenever i try to activate, it shows me an error that my date of birth didn’t match. My DOB is 13/01/1986 and my aadhar – 987xxxxxx88 can you please update my DOB.
    Thank you

    • Dear Basant,

      This is not the official EPFO website nor connected to them either. To update the Date of birth submit a PF Declaration Form through your employer mentioning your correct DOB, He/she will approve it and submit it to EPFO office.


  5. Dear EPFO,

    My name and Gender details are wrong on UAN portal. My employer says that he has already raised request but UAN department is not correcting it. Due to name spelled incorrectly am not even able to do aadhar card linking. I am tired of following up with the employer as everytime he says its UAN dept who has to correct it. Please suggest how do I get this rectified.

    • Dear Srividhya,
      You can follow these steps in order to update your details,

      1 – You should first Login into the official Portal

      2 – Now, Click on the Manage tab and a drop-down menu will appear where you should select KYC Link

      4 – Here, you’ll see many KYC details from which you have to select Aadhaar.

      5 – Finally, You can update your Aadhaar Number & Name.

      6 – Hit Save button.

      7 – After this, you’ll see the Aadhaar KYC details under Pending KYC verification

      If you need further more help, Feel free to ask. Our team will happy to help you.

        • Hello Rehan,
          Have you followed the steps that we have given on this page? If not, then do follow and please share your experience with a reply back.

          • Hi Sir/Madam,

            Yes, Still I am facing the same issue.

            “Aadhaar authentication failed. AADHAAR number, Name, DOB or Gender mismatch with registered data.”

            Because of this, I cannot transfer my PF account to new company.

          • Hello Santosh,
            Then this must be a technical issue from the other end. You should contact the EPFO Technical Team by mailing at employeefeedback@epfindia.gov.in OR you can file a complaint in the EPFO Grievance Portal for a quick action. Please let us know if you don’t know how to file a complaint. WE will guide you step by step.

            Hope you like our given information, Do share your experience with a reply back.
            Team – EPFOSCHEME.IN

  6. Hi ,
    I unable to verify (Link) Adhar details due to mismatch name in EPF UAN Portal.
    Could you please help me to update Name in EPF UAN Portal

    Praveen Kumar.S

    • Dear Praveen,
      The details that you updated, need your employer’s approval as per EPFO guidelines. After, your employer approved the changes, Status that was showing that your KYC details are under “Pending Status” will be changed to “Approved by employer”.

  7. Dear Sir/Madam,

    My last mobile number has been lost what is updated in epfo also i don’t have password for login.
    Kindly suggest how to update my new mobile no.

    Anil Chaturvedi

  8. sir my aadhaar name prakash sekar
    my uan name prakash S. so its not getting linked in kyc details gender mismatch how to solve this.

  9. मेरा नाम संतोष कुमार त्रिवेदी है मेरे पी एफ एकाउन्ट मे संतोष त्रिवेदी है इसको कैसे बदले धन्यवाद

    • Hello Pooja,
      Thanks for such appreciated words, If you have any other queries, please feel free to ask.
      Team – EPFOSCHEME.IN

  10. Aadhaar authentication failed. AADHAAR number, Name, DOB or Gender mismatch with registered data
    That problem show when i update my aadhar number in KYC. Plz give me a solution

    • Hello Gurdeep,
      You are on a dedicated page where we have covered this issue, Kindly scroll upward, read the article and follow the same. If you have any other queries, please feel free to ask. We’ll happy to help you.
      Team – EPFOSCHEME.IN

  11. Hello Team,
    My name is P Radha Bai but in UAN portal it is updated as Radha Bai P. So, due to this i am getting an error that Aadhar Card is mismatched. How can I solve this problem? Please give me a solution.

    • Hello Mam,
      Yes, you will get the mismatched error if your name is wrongly updated. Fortunately, You are on the same page where we have covered that “How To Update Mismatched EPF Details”. You just need to follow the steps that we have given in this article.
      If you have any other queries, please feel free to ask. We’ll happy to help our visitors.
      Team – EPFOSCHEME.IN

  12. Dear sir,
    How many days will it take to update the name in uan portal? As I requested for a name correction.
    It’s been 26 days when I had requested a correction request to my pf office but I figure out that there is no change in my account name.
    My uan no is:-100453113321.
    please help me sir.

  13. Dear Sir,
    My Name is N.Jayalakshmi, After my marriage my husband home in changed my name Bhagyalakshmi. After Gas connection, LIC Policy, S.B.Account, Voter I.D, Aadhar Card, all given by N.Bhagyalakshmi. But after some time i’m going to work. PAN Card name is N.Jayalakshmi. My school document is N.Jayalakshmi. So i’m joining in work in N.Jayalakshmi name. i’m link the Aadhaar No. in my pf Account. But my Aadhaar No. is mismatched. how can solve this problem.

    • Hello Mam,
      You should follow our given steps in this article and then follow up your employer in order to solve this issue.

  14. Hello EPFOSCHEME,
    From past few days, I’m facing an error that “Aadhaar authentication failed. Aadhaar number, name, dob or gender mismatch with registered data”.
    Can you please give me the solution to solve this issue.

    Can you please tell me that how can I change my dob in UAN. I am facing issues that my DOB is mismatched. Please give me solutions.

    • Hello Aditya,
      Don’t worry! we got you covered. Just follow these steps for a successful updation on your Date of Birth details.

      • Visit Unified Portal
      • Go to manage tab and select Modify Basic Details
      • Fill your correct details (as per Aadhaar)
      • click Update Details
      • Your details will be scanned with your UIDAI data
      • After that, request will transfer to your employer for further approval then he/she will transfer your request to official authorities for make changes in your details

      For a detailed information (with step by step procedure and images) on How To Change DOB In EPFO visit this URL – https://www.epfoscheme.in/update-epf-uan-details-name-gender-dob-online/

      Hope this information will help you, If you have any other queries, please feel free to ask.

  16. Dear Sir,
    how to modify or edit my aadhar no. in EPFO, I have wrongly submitted my aadhar no. which is not my aadhar no. but now when I add my original aadhar no. the msg have been shown (name, dob, gender mismatch)
    as per pf office my name has been enter in short (i.e. s k das) and as per aadhar card my name is swapan kumar das, I also tried to correct my name but I could’n do that
    kindly help my

    • Hello Swapan,
      The issue of name, dob, gender mismatch can be fixed by your employer. But, if your name in your PF account is not correct, then you should update it first by filling an online request to change the name in EPF account. To do this, you don’t have to call or mail to EPF helpdesk or submit a joint declaration form.
      All you have to do is just

      • Go to UAN Unified Portal.
      • make yourself logged in using your login credentials
      • Scroll to the main menu and click on the MANAGE
      • Then select Modify basic details
      • Fill your correct details (as per your aadhaar)
      • Hit Update
      • It will then scanned with your data with UIDAI
      • After successfully scanned, Request will be transfer to your employer for further approval
      • Now, EPF authorities will make changes in your details and you name will be successfully updated with the EPFO

      For more in-depth details about the steps with images – CLICK HERE

      Once your name is updated with the EPFO, Try again to edit your Aadhar details and it will be successfully updated. or else, follow the steps here on this page.

      Hope this information will help you, If you have any other queries, please feel free to ask.

  17. Dear sir,
    Kindly guide how to update correct Aadhar number in UAN database. Currently in UAN database in place of Aadhar number UAN number is mentioned so it will not allow me to modify basic details through UAN portal online. Also during Aadhar linking with UAN portal authentication failed. Kindly help me hoq to resolve this issue.

    • Hello Sir,
      This happened with one of our visitors as well. He contacted his employer to resolve the issue and he did it. We recommend you to kindly contact your EMPLOYER, Tell’em the issue and surely they’ll resolve the same. Keep in touch with us. Kindly give us the update on your issue.

      Hope this information will help you, If you have any other queries, please feel free to ask and keep visiting our Portal for more.

  18. Dear sir / madam
    my adhaar card is not linked to my uan another male persons adhaar card is linked to my uan trough my employer how can i solve this problem

  19. Hi,

    All the KYC(Bank,PAN & Aadhar) was linked and approved digitally by employer in 2016.
    But,recently a couple of weeks back,it was noted that only my Aadhar is shown as verified.
    I checked and found that the name in PAN (mentions last name should be expanded)whereas my Aadhar has last name (not expanded).The name in Aadhar is same as my PF name (and so is in all my educational certificates).I tried contacting PAN team and found that I can’t change my last name .I am in a fit an unable to make any changes.After frequently being in touch with PAN officials,I was informed there is not that can be done as of now.Does that mean I have lost the money in my PF account due to this issue?

    • I am facing same issue, PAN card captures expansion of initials. Even though my name is printed with initials on the PAN card, expansion of these initials are captured in IT department records. As mentioned in above query, all my other documents including Aadhar is having name with initials. I was able to link my PAN card with Aadhar but unable to understand why the same PAN details are not accepted in UAN portal. Is there a solutions for this?

    • Hello Mam,
      We apologize for a delay in reply because we handle hundreds of the other queries on a daily bases.

      We have reviewed your problem mam, and we highly recommend you to complain about this on the EPF Grievance Cell so you will get a quick action. By Prime Minister Narendra Modi, instructions have been given to settle the grievances of the members within 20 days. You can read more about this by CLICKING HERE.

      Please Note: If you don’t know how to submit a proper complaint in the Grievance Cell. Our given link down below will guide you step by step.

      Click here: https://www.epfoscheme.in/epfo-complaint-portal-phone-number-email-id-letter-format-status-provident-fund-complaints-online/

      Hope you like our given information, Do share your experience with a reply back.
      Team – EPFOSCHEME.IN

  20. Hello epfoscheme,
    I have a UAN 10049772XXXX from my company A where i joined in 2015. In 2016 i had changed the employer and new company B had created my new UAN 10078735XXXX which they linked to Aadhaar also for KYC purpose. in 2017 i joined company C and accidentally i gave them the older UAN 10049772XXXX.
    Presently i am using my UAN 10049772XXXX and it has my two EPF/Member Ids.
    UAN 10078735XXXX which issued by Company B has one EPF/Member Id. I requested for claim and it has been approved and settled.
    Now, how can i deactivate or close my UAN 10078735XXXX, which is linked with aadhaar, after the successful settlement of claim?
    and is there any rule/way to merge two different UAN to one UAN or unlink aadhaar from UAN?
    Please guide me in this and let me know how can i proceed.
    Thanking you in advance

    • Hello Ajay,
      We have reviewed your query and for security reasons, we modified some of your digits in your UAN Number.
      There is no process that can do the unlinking of your aadhar with UAN. But, you can merge or consolidate your multiple allotted UAN numbers and request the EPFO to deactivate your Previous UAN number. To do so, We have given you the link down below which will open a new window where we have given brief steps and methods that you can follow in order to do the same.

      Click Here – https://www.epfoscheme.in/merge-deactivate-2-allotted-epf-uan-numbers-online-reasons-procedure/

      We Hope this information will help you, If you have any other queries, please feel free to ask and keep visiting our Portal for more.

  21. Sir, my aadhar card nmber mentioned in the UAN portal is incorrect and my employer has not correct the aadhar number. So plz tell me how I correct the aadhar detail

    • Hello Manoj,
      If you’re familiar with the EPF Grievance Portal you must know that you can file a complaint against your employer for a quick action. If not, then it is a portal where the EPF members can complain about their issues related to their PF account, Organisations, as well as their Employers. In your case, you should also raise a complaint in EPF Grievance Portal.
      Follow the given link down below for a brief and valuable information with Step by step images to raise a complaint.

      Please Click Here: https://www.epfoscheme.in/epfo-complaint-portal-phone-number-email-id-letter-format-status-provident-fund-complaints-online/

      Hope this information will help you, If you have any other queries, please feel free to ask and keep visiting our Portal for more.
      Team – EPFOSCHEME.IN

  22. dear sir
    mera naam binod kumar roy hai,mera UAN portal approved hoo chuka hai,but father ka name chut gaya tha,ab main apne father name online kaise update karoon…..

    • Hello Binod,
      आप अपने Father का नाम EPF जॉइंट डिक्लेरेशन फॉर्म की मदद से अपने EPF अकाउंट में अपडेट कर सकते हैं जिसमे आपके और आपके एम्प्लायर, दोनों के हस्ताक्षर होने बहुत ज़रूरी है. हमने आपको निचे एक लिंक दिया है जो आपके कंप्यूटर/मोबाइल की स्क्रीन पर एक नई विंडो ओपन करेगा जहा आपको Step by Step बताया जायेगा के EPF डिक्लेरेशन फॉर्म कैसे भरे और उसे कैसे जमा करवाए ताकि EPF अथॉरिटीज आपके अकाउंट में Father’s Name अपडेट कर सके.

      Please Note: दिया गया लिंक आपको बताएगा के EPF जॉइंट डिक्लेरेशन की मदद से आप DOB कैसे चेंज कर सकते है. पर आप इन्ही स्टेप्स को फॉलो करके अपने father का नाम अपडेट कर सकते है.

      Click Here – http://bit.ly/2EBw22B

  23. I am not able to edit the UAN correction data by using UAN modify basic details tab, it giving me the error “aadhaar is already verified, you are not editable the data.

  24. Dear sir,
    My name in the Bank A/C, PAN, AADHAR Card is Hemant Sahu. But, in my EPF UAN details, my name is updated as Hemant Kumar Sahu. Can you please guide me that how can I update my name in epf account?

    • Hello Hemant,
      EPFO has launched the online facility to change Name DOB and other details by filling an online request form. In order to change your name, We have given you a link down below. Just click on that link and it will re-direct you to a new page in which you will get all the step by step guide to change your name in PF account.

      Please Click Here – https://www.epfoscheme.in/update-epf-uan-details-name-gender-dob-online/

      Hope you like our given information, Do share your experience with a reply back.
      Team – EPFOSCHEME.IN

  25. Dear Sir,

    I have employee of uem infrastructure private limited, I have joined in 05-2012. My aadhar number detail in epf account is incorrect. My UAN 100161766604. I have prepare aadhar card in 2016. When update my aadhar details in epfo website, then find an other aadhar number linked in my account.Please suggest to correctness my problem.

  26. On behalf of my wife I am trying to link the Aadhar and PAN to the UAN portal. Initially both the document linking failed. With the inputs received from few forums I was able raised a basic modification request for Aadhar and now shows its link to the UAN account.
    But still have challenge in linking PAN to the UAN account.
    Biggest blender most of the users undergo is that there is no uniqueness followed in updating the employee’s name details.

    Name in Aadhar is different to the name in PAN which is different to the once which is registered with the organisation.

    With this in place, when PF is withdrawn (Final settlement) there is deduction of 34.6% tax due to PAN not linked which is not an employees fault. Why would our hard earned money go taxed for not our fault.

    Not sure why a double bubble link is expected here.. When AAdhar is already linked to the UAN, that has the information on the bank details, where PAN is already linked to the BANK.
    I am sorry to say is Government is exploiting this as an opportunity to cash on hard earned public money when the salaried class is already TDS ed.

    Kindly request some assistance in this regards. Thanks

    • Hello Janani,
      This must be a technical issue from the other end. Try after sometime or you can directly contact the EPFO Technical Team by mailing at (employeefeedback@epfindia.gov.in)

      Hope you like our given information, Do share your experience with a reply back.
      Team – EPFOSCHEME.IN

        • Hello Arpitha,
          Have you submitted a complaint on the EPF Grievance Portal regarding this? If not, then you can do it in order to get a quick action regarding the issue that you’re facing. We have provided you a link down below which will guide step by step that how you can raise a complaint.

          Visit THIS LINK.

          Hope you like our given information, Do share your experience with a reply back.
          Team – EPFOSCHEME.IN

  27. I have UAN no. I have just correct my surname in the pan card. I am not using my regesterd mobile number of epfo account also. than how can i update my epfo account.





    • Hello Arun,
      We apologize for the delay in reply, As we’re getting so many queries from our visitors.
      The situation in which you’re in, Is still exist in most of the PF members and we’re trying to get as much information as we can. As per EPFO, this problem is due to some error in PAN Server and their Technical Team are working to solve the same. Kindly wait, or submit your complaint to the EPF Grievance Portal for a quick action.
      Please Note – Click on the given link down below for a valuable information about the correct way to file a complaint in Grievance Cell

      Click Here – https://www.epfoscheme.in/epfo-complaint-portal-phone-number-email-id-letter-format-status-provident-fund-complaints-online/

      You can also contact EPFO technical team by mailing at employeefeedback@epfindia.gov.in (you’ll get the reply soon)

      Anything else we can help you with? Please feel free to ask anytime 24×7

      Team – EPFOSCHEME.IN

      • Dear sir,

        Thankyou very much for your reply…

        my query is we are linked aadhar with pan ..then why we have separate icon to verify pan in UAN PORTAL

      • Dear sir,
        Thank you very much for your valuable reply..

        my query is we are linked aadhar with pan card.. then why the separate icon to verify pan at UAN PORTAL..

  29. Hello Anusha,
    Many of the PF subscribers are facing this type of issues, One thing you can do is to contact the EPFO Technical team for a solution regarding this. Drop them a mail to employeefeedback@epfindia.gov.in
    You can also submit this problem to EPF Grievance Portal for a quick action.

    CLICK HERE to know how to submit.

    We hope this can help you, as your satisfaction is our priority. Have any other query? Feel free to ask 24X7

  30. सर मेरा UAN आधार के साथ लिंक नहीं है जबकि PAN लिंक है और जब मै आधार लिंक कर रहा हूँ तो Update Aadhaar Number, Name, DOB, Gender Mismatch In EPF UAN Portal जबकि मेरा नाम जन्मतिथि लिंग सभी सही है, मै अपडेट डिटेल्स में जाकर अपडेट कर रहा हूं तो वह से भी नहीं हो रहा है, ए प्रॉब्लम कैसे साल्व होगी

  31. SIR
    MERA FATHER NEME DOB MISMATCH Aadher CARD SE hai or mane pf office me docmant de diya hai par abi tak nhi hua hai kya kana padga one manth ho gaya hai


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