Rules For Recruitment In Government Jobs Has Changed

Rules For Recruitment In Government Jobs | Budget 2018 – Have you heard about the changes in Rules if you are struggling for a Recruitment In Govt Job? Well, there is a good news for you. This information was given by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in the General Budget presented on February 1, 2018.

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Eliminating The Interview System

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said that the government has terminated the compulsions of interviewing for recruitment on group C and D posts. In Haryana, Manohar Lal Sarkar has stamped on eliminating the interview system. In such a situation, there will be no interviews in the third and fourth-grade recruitments in Haryana.

This decision was taken in a Cabinet meeting chaired by CM Khattar. This will prevent massive corruption in the third and fourth-grade jobs in the state.

Which Categories Came In Third & Fourth Grade Jobs?

In the third category, fields like – Police personnel, driver-operators, patwari, TGT, JBT, Cindee teacher and other workers are covered. Whereas in the fourth category, The peon, janitor, gardener, bedarhi, cleaning workers etc. are covered.

Minimum Academic Qualification For Government Group D & Group C Jobs

Now in Haryana, The candidates with the eighth pass can get the Government Group-D jobs in Government sector. The government has set the minimum academic qualification middle pass for the fourth-grade posts.

At the same time, the state qualification eligibility examination (SETC) of computer skills has been compulsory with minimum academic qualification in Group-C clerk recruitment. At present, the minimum academic qualification for group-D posts in different departments was different.

In some departments, there was no educational qualification except for knowledge of Hindi and English.

In some departments,  some departments have been recruited on the bases of a  and in some departments, Recruitment is based on the

In some departments, recruitment has been going on the bases of middle-pass, matrix, 12th academic qualification.

What After the Government’s Decision?

After the government’s decision, approval of the Cabinet, General Administration Department, Finance Department and Haryana State Staff Selection Commission will not be necessary, The concerned departments will be able to revise relevant service rules at their level for recruitment. In the relevant service rules, this provision can be made after examining the law department.

The Haryana Government has also dissolved the selection committees constituted for interviewing candidates in the recruitment of Group-D posts.

Selection Committee headed by the City Magistrate, No. 1 and the selection committee formed in the chairmanship of the Panchayat Officer No. 2 is included. These selection committees have been dissolved, as the government has ended the interview for Group-C and D posts.

Chief Secretary DS Dhasey said that for the Group-D recruitments, the minimum qualifications in the field of Hindi and English only have minimum qualifying middle pass. The departments in which the tenth or twelfth is, will remain the same.

In the Group-C, except for the clerk position other than the post, the SETC will not be applicable. Administrative Secretary, Indian Administrative Service and Haryana Administrative Service officers have to ensure the linking of the data with the Human Resource Management System.

Changes In Examination & Interview Points

The Haryana Government has taken another major decision after closing the interview in third and fourth-grade jobs. The Government has changed the prescribed written examination and interview points of 90:15 in these categories, to 90:10.

There will be a written examination of 90 marks and 10 points will be for the classes of weaker sections. In the candidate’s house, if one person is not on the government job, he will be given five points.

Similarly, the widow and those candidates will get five-five marks, whose father died when he/she was less than fifteen years. If more than one candidate applying for a government job whose father has died, then only one of them will get the benefit. The raw employees working on contracts and adhoc in different departments, boards and corporations will also get points according to their experience.

Half Marks Will Be Given For Experience Of 1 Year

If someone has 10 years of experience then he will get five points, the maximum limit will be 5 points. Those castes of the state will also benefit from five points, which neither fall within the scope of Scheduled Castes nor in the backward class. In these casts the families of the nomadic, Sansari castes will also benefit. A total of 22 castes will be benefitted under it. Candidates who come under these four categories will get a maximum score of 10.

If You Take Dowry (दहेज), You May Lost Your Job

Young people who want to get government jobs in Haryana will have to give up the dowry. If you take dowry, you may have to get rid of your job. Manohar Lal Sarkar took a big decision to end dowry.

Whenever a person comes into government service, he will have to give an affidavit in writing that he will not take dowry whenever he is tied in the marital alliance. Also, strictly abide by the law of non-dowry will follow.

Answer Key For Govt Job Examination Will Be Uploaded Online

Haryana Government is serious about making the recruitment process more transparent, so that, the eligible applicants can be selected. Therefore, the Haryana Public Service Commission (HPSC) has decided that its Answer Key will be uploaded online publicly three days after the examination for government jobs.

So after examining this Answer Key, the test taker should remove all kinds of doubts and objections.

Expert Panel Will Resolve The Queries

After the Answer Key is uploaded online, the examinees will examine the given answers. If the test takers think that there is a mistake in answering the questions given in the answer sheet, there is an error in the way of asking questions or if there is any other kind of error then the test taker will register their objection only online.

After this, these objections will be referred to the Expert Panel by HPSC. They will remove these objections, give their report to HPSC. After all these objections are removed, the HPSC will declare the results of the respective examination.

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