[Latest News] EPFO E nomination Facility To Change/Update EPF Nomination Online

Have you heard about the EPFO’s latest feature in Unified Member Portal? Yes, we are talking about the new E nomination Facility To Change/Update EPF Nomination Online. Well, here on this page, we’ll tell you how and who can avail the benefits of EPFO E nomination Facility.

Updated – August 2018

In order to make it simple, we have built a step by step procedure so that you can easily understand the procedure to use EPFO E nomination Facility.

Change/Update EPF Nomination Offline [Old Process]

The process of Change/Update EPF Nomination was offline as well as so long back then. Everyone knows that without filling the EPF Form 2, No one can update their nomination.

Once the form is filled then we should have to submit it to the employer for further attestation and then it was employer’s responsibility to send it to the EPFO office so that the official authorities can make changes in Nomination.

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Facilities Under EPFO E Nomination

The newly announced EPFO E nomination

★ The facility is much easier than the old method.

★ Fully based on the online platform.

★ Less time consuming (Fast).

★ No need to involve your employer.

Change/Update EPF Nomination Online Using EPFO E Nomination

So now, when you know all the features and facility of the newly announced EPFO E nomination, Let’s take a look at the steps to Change/Update EPF Nomination Online.

Step 1 – In order to start the process, The member should have to visit the Unified Member Portal.

Step 2 – Login to your account using your Login Credentials. i.e. UAN and password.

Step 3 – When you successfully logged into your account, Go to the main menu and from the drop-down menu, select the “E Nomination”. (as shown in the image)

Step 4 – You will now re-direct to a new window where you can easily see your profile details, i.e. UAN number, Name, DOB (date of birth) and gender.

Step 5 – Enter your permanent address in the given blank field and hit “Save” to update your address.

Please Note: The DOJ (Date of Joining) with EPF Scheme must be registered with your EPF Account. If it’s not, One cannot allow to update nomination or save the address.

Step 6 – So, when you update your profile details successfully. you will be redirected to a new window where you have to complete the family declaration process.

Step 7 – Under the newly opened window, you can easily see a section named “Having Family?” click on “YES”.

Step 8 – Now, enter your family details. i.e. Name, date of birth and address and don’t forget to select the relationship from the given drop-down menu named “Relation”. When you successfully filled all the required details, Hit “Save Family Details” button.

Step 9 – A new window will now pop up, where you have to select the Total Amount of Share (%) as well as the family member.

Step 10 – When everything is done, Click on the e-sign button in order to approve the given nomination details.

Step 11 – Now, you will have to select signatory and generate OTP button. By clicking on the “Generate OTP”, you will receive an OTP on your Aadhaar registered mobile number.

Finally, enter the received OTP in the given field and hit “Save”. Your nomination will be successfully updated.

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  1. The OTP never comes.
    It says OTP request is sent.
    There is no error/no further information on the UI.

  2. Hi…
    I am unable to get the OTP on my Aadhar registered number. After saving the details, it says “Request for OTP sent,” but I never get the OTP !!! I have been trying for the past one week.

  3. WHEN WE CLICK ON E-SIGN BUTTON ,WE GET ONE MESSAGE ” E-Sign up-gradation is under process !!! ….. We are not get other message.


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