EPF Form 10D | EPS Pension – Complete Guide

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Updated – July 2018

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EPF Form 10D – Complete Guide
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Under the Employees Provident Fund Organisation, the FORM 10D is used to claim the pension.The employee can start receiving his/her pension right after they completed their service of 10 years(minimum) at the age of 50 or 58 years. If the situation is different such like disablement/death, all the process of receiving a pension will change, the restrictions don’t apply. Just fill in the FORM 10D and submit it to the last employer to claim the pensions.

In Case You Quit Before Completing 10 Years of Service –

❖ If a member quit his/her job before completing 9 years 7 months of service in an organisation, they’ll get the withdrawal benefits which almost depends on their monthly salary package.

Note: It will be count as a full 5 years of service if the employee worked for 4 years and 8 months.

❖ If a member has completed his/her 58 years of the claimant on behalf of the deceased member who unfortunately died after he/she reach at the age of 58 years without completing the 10 years of service, can apply for withdrawal benefits by using the FORM 10C.

Some Important Highlights Of EPS Pension :

  • Under EPS the employees will start receiving their pensions right after they completed the minimum service for 10 Years attaining the age of 50 or 58 years.
  • The employee will not receive a pension if he/she quit the employment while he/she is 48 years of age and has 8 years of service.
  • The employee will receive a pension if he/she quit the employment while he/she is 48 years of age and has 12 years of service to their credit. The pension will start soon he/she reach the age of 58 Years.
  • Under Employees Pension Scheme (EPF), Before the age of 50 years, No pension is payable.
  • There is an option of early pension before the reaching age of 58 years but it will be marked as a discounting factor (4%) for every single year before you turn or complete 58 years.

❖ In Case of Death or Disablement!

If this happens the EPFO will not mark these restrictions.

  • Death of employee while he/she is a service or while he/she not in a service.
  • If the employee cannot continue due to totally unfit or permanent disability.

❖ What If Member Is Not Alive?

The pensions will be given to the children or spouse but only if they are below 25 years of age.

The application should be through ex-employer for scheme certificate, withdrawal benefit, pension.

❖ Forms To Be Used

Pension: Fill in and submit the Form 10D.

Withdrawal Benefit: Fill in and submit the Form 10C.


Under Employee pension scheme now every employee can apply for the pensions without getting it attested by their employer in the Form 10D. Many times the employee faced the troubles in getting pension approved by their employer. Now, the Govt. has ended the role of an employer in PF related approvals.


This great move by the government is a very helpful to all the employees but before availing the benefits under this, one should be complete the T&C mention below :

  1. Form 11 must be filled as in some past few years, the new employees have filled it at the time they joined.
  2. The Bank Account Number must be verified by the employer.
  3. One should have the Universal Account Number (UAN)
  4. The Universal Account Number (UAN) should be activated
  5. Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) must have your details of the bank.
  6. UAN should be linked with the Aadhar.
  7. Aadhar must be authenticated by the employer.

Note: After completing all the requirements mentioned above the EPF transaction would be very easy, For which every employee can use the new given UAN based EPF forms by Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) which do not require employer’s attestation.

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