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EPF UAN Portal | PF Amount | Update Bank Details Online | Resubmit Rejected PF Claim | August 2018 – Get complete details and solution if you applied for PF withdrawal but the amount not credited to your bank account. Also get info on other queries like – How to check PF rejection reason online, EPF rejection letter download, How to resubmit rejected pf claim, PF rejected how to apply again & More @EPFOSCHEME.IN

Updated – August 2018

There are many cases where the EPF member/subscriber has applied for PF withdrawal but they didn’t get his/her PF amount into their bank account. Usually, PF claim settled within 15-20 days from the date he/she applied.

If you apply for PF claim online then it will be settled less than 10 days.

But, in some cases even after 30 days, The members raise the complaints that they still didn’t get their EPF amount into their given bank account number.

Reason Why PF Amount Is Not Credited To Your Bank Account?

The Employees Provident Fund Organisation has set up a verification process before accepting the application where the EPFO will monitor the given application accurately.

In some cases, If the EPFO encounter any problem or mistake in your given details.

So, they will reject your given application so you can update or change the wrong details and apply again.

There are some other reasons as well where your PF amount will not transfer into your bank account Because of employer’s heavy working plans.

Usually, when the employer is at that stage he/she ignored or forget to submit your given PF claim forms.

Bulk PF Claim Forms

When the number of PF withdrawal forms is more than sometimes the employer submit the forms using the bulk procedure.

So, in some cases, due to the lack of interaction within employer and PF officials, some of the unsettled applications will remain in pending.

So this must be one of the major reason why your PF amount not credited.

EPF Wrong Bank Account Details

The biggest mistakes that EPF members keep doing is that they are providing wrong bank details in their PF withdrawal forms like:

  • Bank Account Number.
  • IFSC code.

These two details are the most important details that must be 200% correct in order to receive your PF balance inside your bank account.

I Have Given Correct Bank Account Details But Still PF Withdrawal Cancelled?

This happens when the member has given correct details but on the other side, the given account is inoperative or inactive.

What To Do If Your Given Account Is Inoperative?

As India getting digital day by day so a single word in your given details can make your applications rejected, especially when the payments are offering via National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT), so a single misspell or a wrong number in your bank account details will stop your chance to get your PF amount.

Once NEFT fails then EPF amount will be credited back to the EPFO bank account within 4-6 days.

Check Your PF Claim Status

The official portal to check PF claim status is the only option to check whether is there any problem or not because almost everytime you’ll find the reasons for PF claim rejections.

If there is any message which itself contain some wording like “NEFT was done on 24.05.2016”, & even after this message that showing your NEFT was done, You must check whether you gave correct bank account details or not or does your bank account is inoperative or inactive. If didn’t found any negative record then you must go to your regional EPF office.

What To Do If PF Amount Not Credited To Your Bank Account

The employee must check his/her address properly that he/she wrote while filling the PF withdrawal form before submit because EPFO always sent back the rejected form to the address that the employee has given on their PF claim forms.

Submit PF re-authorization letter

The visitor can submit the PF re-authorization letter to his/her regional EPF office if the problem is clear that the information that you provided on your PF Withdrawal form was wrong.

PF re-authorization letter is easily available from any EPF office.

Visitors who are uninformed about PF re-authorization letter can watch the sample of Re-Authorization Letter.

PF re-authorization letter itself contains some fields that you have to fill in like:

Member’s Address
Bank Name
Bank IFSC Code (Correct)
PF Account Number
Bank Account Number (Correct)
Employer Attestation & Authorization Seal (Required)

Note: When the member has successfully submitted EPF re-authorization letter, it will take 10-15 days to credit your EPF amount to the correct bank account details.


  1. I applied for pf advance form 31 online for house renovation and I got message but ammount not credited to my account. I checked that my bank details were wrong so I attested a reauthorization form from employer and gave to pf office now why the status showing pf final settlement

    • Hello Dinesh,
      Please check your mail. anything else we can help you with? Please feel free to ask anytime 24×7

      Team – EPFOSCHEME.IN

  2. I Submitted my PF Withdrawal online, and the account was inoperative.
    Bank said that the NEFT was never accepted as the account was closed a month before.
    EPFO site is showing claim Settled and PF Passbook is showing zero balance.
    Please help, what I need to do now? I reached to the regional office and they said to wait, it’s almost 2 months now.

  3. My pf is settled and also payment sent via neft on 25/04/18,but amount not credited in bank.My UAN no is 101184244080.Kindly help me

  4. Hi Team
    I requested for partial pf withdrawl did not get the funds yet
    claim settled on 13th april
    all details including account number is correct

  5. Hi.. I have applied for pf online and the status is settled. But later I got to know the account details are wrong. Now do U have to contact to my previous employer or submit this reauthorization form. Kindly help me. And pls send me a copy of the following.

  6. I applied for PF Advance, it’s claimed and settled, but I didn’t received amount in my account, after that I realize that I entered IFSC code of the other branch of same bank(AXIS main Branch Mumbai). now tell me what to do?

  7. Sir Maine pf advance ke liye claim kiya tha my claim settled but amount not received wrong bank details my uan no. 100404524580 please help me

  8. Sir,

    I kailash kumar jha having UAN account number 100185394244 would like to inform you that i applied for PF advance on dated 20.02.2019 Vide Tracking ID 10018539424406001 but while i am checking my status its showing claim settled and amount transfer in my bank account but when i check my account cash not came i checked my details and found by default i submitted wrong Bank Account number ie less one digit 91601003635823 but my Exact Bank Account number is 916010036335823. hereby i am submitting my cheque slip for your perusal.
    So its my humble request to you kindly change my account number and transfer my amount in this account.i will be highly obliged to you

    Thanking You,

    With Regards & Sahara Pranam.
    Kailash kumar jha..


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