How To Create & Upload Bulk KYC Text File In Unified PF Portal – 2018

Create or Upload | KYC Text File | EPF UAN Portal | Error Code | Online Procedure | August 2018 – Get in-depth details on creating and uploading KYC text file in EPF UAN Unified Portal. Also, find – revised KYC text file structure 2.0 excel, epf KYC upload excel format, excel file utility for creating bulk KYC text file, download uan bulk registration excel file, how to upload KYC documents in epf, member registration bulk file format excel & More @EPFOSCHEME.IN

Updated – August 2018

Under the employee’s provident fund organisation, the employer has two different options to upload KYC of their employees, those options are:

Individual Update – beneficial for few number of employees.

Bulk Update – Beneficial for a large number of employees.

In the first process, the employer has to upload only information of KYC through a text file and required to upload proofs later on.

This UAN/KYC Text file is required to be uploaded OTCP. Password & ID at OTCP is same as of ECR portal.

Field Name
i.  Mandatory
ii.  Number should be as per Verhoeff algorithm
iii.  UAN should present in database iv.  At least  one  member  id  linked with UAN should be the same establishment who is uploading the file
Document Type
i.  Mandatory
ii.  Valid Values in {‘N’, ‘A’, ‘P’, ‘B’,‘T’, ‘D’, ‘E’,’R’}
N- National Population
P- Permanent Account
B- Bank Account Number
T- Passport
D- Driving License
E- Election Card
R- Ration Card
i.  Mandatory
ii.  Other Validations should according to document type
If value at serial number 2 is ‘B’ then not null otherwise blank
i.  Mandatory
ii.  Special Characters are not allowed
Name   should   be   as,   as
appear in KYC document
Expiry Date
i.  If at serial number 2 value is ‘D’ or  ‘T’  then not  null otherwise blank
ii.  If  not  null  should  be  greater than system date
Date format should be
i.  Optional
ii.  Valid Values in {‘I’, ‘N’, ‘M’, ‘S’,‘G’, ‘P’, ‘D’} or blank
I – Illiterate
N – Non-Matric
M – Matric
S – Senior Secondary
G – Graduate
P – Post Graduate
D – Doctorate
i.  Optional
ii.  Valid Values in {‘Y’,’N’} or blank
Y – Yes
N – No
i.  If value at Serial No.8 is Y than mandatory
ii.  Valid Values in {‘L’, ‘V’, ‘H’} or blank
L – Locomotive disability
V – Visual
H – Hearing
i.  Optional
ii. Valid Values {‘M’,‘F’,‘T’} or blank
M – Male
F – Female
T – Trans Gender
i.  Optional
ii.  Valid Values {‘Y’,‘N’} or blank
Y – Yes
N – No
Marital Status
i.  Optional
ii.  Valid Values {‘M’,‘U’,‘W’,’D’} or blank
M – Married
U – Un-Married
W – Widow/Widower
D – Divorcee
Est ID
i.  Mandatory
ii.  This establishment should match with establishment login.

Steps to create Bulk KYC Text File :

1) The Excel File must be created with 13 columns as shown in the above table.

2) When the table is created successfully, save the excel file in CSV format (Comma Separated Value MS-DOS)

3) Now, the visitors have to open the created CSV file in a text editor like Notepad / Wordpad etc. where one can edit the file.

4) Carefully Replace all the comma(,) with ‘#~#’

5) Finally, Save the edited file in .txt format – <filename>.txt

6) This .txt file has to be uploaded under KYC – Upload Bulk KYC Text File

Common errors observed while uploading Bulk KYC Text file

1. Error due to Uploading of UAN Text file instead of Bulk KYC Text file:

There is a link given to Download PDF/Text File of UAN List in the Sub Menu ‘Download UAN List’ of ‘UAN’ Menu. The file being downloaded from this link is not the text file required for uploading Bulk KYC Text File by the employer.

Bulk KYC Text File is to be made separately as per the revised format is given in User Manual for Employers Version 1.2.

The text file is made available as part of UAN downloads is only for use internally by the employer and should not be uploaded as KYC text file.

2. Blank rows at the end of the text file:

Your text file must not have any blank row. The most recurring error is to leave blank row in your text file.

The user must place the cursor at the end of the last row and press ‘delete’ button to remove the blank rows and save it for uploading the same.

If on uploading a text file, we are getting a message which says that error on line number X which is one more than no of records in KYC text file, it implies that we have left a blank row at the end of the text file.

Placing the cursor at the end of the penultimate row and pressing delete button to remove any blank row and saving the text file will solve this error.

3. Header row uploaded at the start of the text file:

Header row has to be deleted before saving CSV file as text file. Uploading .txt file with header row gives an error of various types.

How To Upload Bulk KYC Text File In EPF Unified Portal

When EPFO has introduced the unified portal for employees one of the motives behind this is to give facilities of both KYC updation and ECR Upload of the employees.

Members who want to make a PF withdrawal and PF transfer have to link their KYC details with employee UAN number.

Steps To Upload Bulk KYC Text File

To start the process of update bulk employees KYC details the visitor has to fill excel file utility for creating bulk KYC text file.

Step 1. The visitors have to fill in the downloaded KYC file in order to update the details.

Step 2. The details that you have to fill, depends on the type of document. read the example down below to know about what exactly you have to enter in each column of the downloaded file.

Type ID Every KYC has its unique ID
Member Name Name mentioned on document
IFSC Code If bank a/c number is given, this is a must
UAN Employee’s UAN number
Expiry Date If driving licence or passport is given, this is a must
Document Number Document number mentioned in the given document. Ex – Aadhaar card number, Bank account number etc.

Step 3. Now when you successfully completed all the previous steps, the next step is to convert the file into a text file and replace all Commas (,) with #~#

Step 4. Finally, upload the KYC bulk text file in EPF unified portal.

  • Go to the EPF Unified Portal.
  • Login using your login credentials.
  • Search and click on the “Member” Tab.
  • Select “KYC-BULK” tab from the drop-down menu.
  • A new window will now pop up, Where you have to upload created Text File.
  • Hit “Submit” button.


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  1. Line No 1 Aadhaar authentication failed. “Pi” (basic) attributes of demographic data did not match
    IFSC code is required for Bank only. Not allowed for mentioned document type.Document Expiry date is required either for Driving License or passport. Not allowed for mentioned document type?????????????


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