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Change or Update Date of Birth in EPF UAN Portal | UAN Helpdesk | FORM 23 | Name Correction Form | August 2018 – Get step by step procedure to update your date of birth in EPF UAN portal and get answers of some related queries like: uan date of birth correction, epf date of birth correction online, date of birth correction in epf letter, uan helpdesk portal, epf name correction form download, epf name change application format, pf name change form 23, epf name correction form download pdf & more @EPFOSCHEME.IN

Updated – August 2018

Under Employee Provident Fund Organisation the PF withdrawal is the biggest friend of a member but what if the withdrawal gets stuck because of the wrong date of birth or wrong name or in some cases the surname is changed or any other misspell in your account under EPF database?

Nowadays, many subscribers of EPF are facing these type of issues where the EPF account balance is stuck due to some small error in date of birth or name, These errors are so small and un-noticeable that at the time of submission no one encounters any errors but at the time of online PF transfer or PF withdrawals these small issues become a major issues.

Rules To Update Date of Birth in EPF

The member/subscriber cannot give an application to the EPFO himself for the DOB change. The only way to make it done is to fill up PF joint declaration form by you as well as your employer. Both member and employer have to give an application to correct the wrong detail of date of birth.

Identity Proof To Change Date Of Birth

  • Copy of telephone / water / electricity bill.
  • Any education certificate issued by Registrar of Birth & Death.
  • Ration card, Aadhar Card, Pan Card, Passport, Voter ID, Driving License
  • Bank passbook copy Post Office Passbook.

How To Fill Application Form To Update Date of Birth in EPF UAN

As mentioned above the member cannot submit the form only by himself to the EPFO, both the employer and the employee have to submit the form in order to change the wrong DOB detail. (you can download the form down below)

Note: We recommend all members to check their details linked with the EPF database that is there data correct or not like Name, Relationship details, Date of Birth (DOB), Gender Details etc.

PF joint declaration form contains many different columns that member has to fill as per their needs, like write down the correct details only under those columns which you want to be changed. else, leave that columns blank which is correct in your details. Some other details that are mandatory to be filled are the address of the regional Pf commissioner, Member’s name and the company name in which he/she is working.

Steps To fill PF Joint Declaration Form Are:

❶ Those members who want to change their Date of Birth, first they must download the PF Joint Declaration Form.

❷ Fill in the required fields that are mandatory and the one which you want to update in your EPF details. (Leave the other fields blank)

❸ After you successfully filled in the form, take a printout of that form.

❹ Both employee and the employer have to sign the printed form

❺ The company seal on the printed form is a must.

❻ The application must be attached with a self-attested copy of identity proof. (you can attach any identity proof which shows your correct date of birth in the document)

❼ The further process to send the printed declaration form to the regional PF commissioner will be done by the employer.

Download PF Declaration Form → HERE ←

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  1. hi ,
    My Name Is Hemant Subhash Chavan My UAN No 1008*****015 and Aadhar No
    36455****946 not link from my aadhar card

  2. My Pf account is not having UAN number as i left that company in 2013. Now when i want to transfer the PF account, it says, NO DATA FOUND AGAINST THIS MEMBER ID : BGBNG00xxxx0000000xxxx WHEN CHECKING PREVIOUS EMPLOYMENT DETAIL.

    Please guide me. I contacted the previous company, they are saying that it might be deactivated.
    Please help me. It is urgent.

    • Dear Sir,
      The member ID may not be available in EPFO database mainly due to following reasons:

      Reason #1 – The employer has not yet submitted the return [Electronic Challan cum Return (ECR) or earlier returns prior to ECR] having the member ID.

      Reason #2 – The employer has submitted the return [Electronic Challan cum Return or earlier returns prior to ECR] having the member ID, but the same has not been updated on the portal. The updation of OTCP has been planned on a weekly basis.

    • Dear Anita,

      You can ask your Employer to log in to their EPF account, After that he/she have to enter your UAN. The details related to you will be enlisted. Now, he has to search for the ‘missing details’ tab where you’ll see that your gender & some other details may be missing. Then, Your employer must have to update & approve the same.

  3. ई पी एफ कार्यालय में भी कंप्यूटर सेक्टिओं में बताया जावा probelm कर ही रहा है क्रपया बतायें किस तरह कम किया जाये हर चीज़ तो DSC से ही approve होना है
    epfo scheme भी हिंदी में होना चाहिए समझने में आसान रहेगा
    कोई भी कम ई पी एफ द्वारा समय पर नहीं किया जाता लगातार ६ साल से एक कर्मचारी का नाम सुधारने ई पी एफ कार्यालय जाते हो गया कभी कोई फॉर्म कभी कोई आवेदन पता नहीं हर बार नै छेज बता देते है सभी कुछ लग के कार्यालय में जांच करने क बाद पेपर जमा करने पर भी ना तो नाम में सुधर किया गया ना ही कोई सुचना दी गयी की क्यों नाम परिवर्तन नहीं हो प् रहा है
    डाटा मिलं ना होने से ई पी एफ जमा करने में भी समस्या होती है इस से ई पी एफ कार्यालय को कोई मतलब नहीं उन क द्वारा सिर्फ पेनाल्टी लगा के वसूल करना ही होता है
    ई पी एफ जबलपुर द्वारा एक कर्मचारी की म्रत्यु उपरांत लगभग एक वर्ष उस की माँ उसके पैसे का इंतजार करते मर गयी पर कार्यालय द्वारा सिर्फ फॉर्म और पेपर ही मंगाते रह गए
    खुद का पैसा भी अपने कम नहीं आ सकता सर्कार डंडा मरकर ई पी एफ अनिवार्य रूप से जमा करवाती है किन्तु पैसा दिलाने में बाबुओ का कुछ नहीं कर पति जो कम ही नहीं करते सिर्फ गप्पबाजी के

  4. मुझे ये नहीं पता ओंन लाइन शिकायत कहा से होती है

  5. esablishment MP/JBP/16907 me wage lime 6500/- से 15000/- होने पर sep14 se feb 15 तक 70 employee ka amount 631872/-एक साथ जमा किया गया जिस की late penalty 93979/- epf द्वारा वसूल लि गयी किन्तु सदस्यों के खाते में राशि नहीं आई जिस के सम्बन्ध में ई पी एफ द्वारा कोई संतुस्ष्टि पूर्ण जबाब नहीं दिया जा रहा
    penalty वसूलने में ई पी एफ द्वारा बिलकुल इंतजार नहीं होता किन्तु पैसा जमा करने या देने में परेशां कर डालते है

  6. Very bad services i’m totally disappointed 2 mahine se request dala hua hai date 0f birth correct karne ke liye 01 /05/1982 ko 05/01/1982 karne ke liye is kaaran mera adhaar bhi UAN me link nahi ho raha but abhi thak na hi toh koyi reply aya our na hi koyi correction ki gyi. Kya ye Digital India Hai aaj ke time me ?????

  7. I am not able to Link My Aadhar in UAN portal my Bank and PAN card is in KYC verified, I am planning to withdraw my PF in Next month will there be any problems while withdrawing only because my AADhar is not in KYC?

    • Hello Rohan,
      You might face some issues if you are planning for Withdrawal and if you haven’t linked you Aadhar with your EPF account. They made it mandatory to link KYC details like Bank A/C number & Aadhaar Number.

      If you have any other queries, feel free to ask. We happy to help you.

  8. Hi sir
    My father is job in pvt ltd company company is take edli scheme for lic throw in 1993 but company not submit the contribution please can you any help

    • Hello Vicky,
      If you encountered that the employer did not submit the contribution in EPF then you can follow:

      1. You can send an email to In order to furnish a complaint in your regional EPF office, you’ll find the necessary contact details at

      2. You can request your regional PF inspector for action toward your company.

  9. Hi,

    My dob is wrong in the EPF records. I filled the correction form and submitted a joint declaration to my employer and they further submitted to the RPFO. After 3 months, i still found the dob to be incorrect and i was not able to activate my UAN. I filed my complaint several times on the grievance portal but they replied to use UAN portal and helpdesk for this. I can not check the status of my UAN since that also requires DOB. I have also dropped a mail to my region PF office and i am still awaiting their reply. Can you please advise what should i do next?

    • Hello Paras,
      Not sure but this must be a non-updation from the other end, You can contact the EPFO technical team by mailing at
      You can directly visit your regional EPF office in order to figure out the issue.
      If you have any other queries, please feel free to ask. We’ll happy to help you.
      Team – EPFOSCHEME.IN

  10. Dear All,

    Please help us, How can i modify our basic (Like :- Correction in Name/DOB/Gender/DOJ etc.) details in UAN no. online

    • Hello Vinay,

      • Visit the official EPFO Unified Portal.
      • Login using UAN & Password
      • Search for the MANAGE tab then “MODIFY BASIC DETAILS”
      • Now enter your correct details (as per Aadhar)
      • Hit “UPDATE DETAILS” button.
      • Provided details will be now scanned with your UIDAI – Aadhar Data
      • Request will be transferred to the employer for further approvals
      • After approval, employer will forward it to the regional EPF office (online)
      • EPF authorities will now make corrections

      If you have any other queries, please feel free to ask. We’ll happy to help you.
      Team – EPFOSCHEME.IN

      • Sir how much time EPF Authorities take to make corrections, after employer forded the request to them.

        I had modified DOB and had been approved by the Employer too.
        Kindly do the needful ASAP
        UAN Number

    • Hello Niranjan,
      You can Follow the steps given on this page in order to update your Date of birth online.
      If you have any other queries, please feel free to ask. We’ll happy to help you.
      Team – EPFOSCHEME.IN

  11. Hi, My previous employer gave my dob wrong, my yam has become inactive, I’m not able to activate it because if the dob mistake.
    My employer is not agreeing for declaration form, so can you please help me.

    • Hello Pavithra,
      You can raise a complaint against your employer at EPF Grievance Portal for a quick action, PF Authorities will take action on this. If you don’t know how to raise a complaint then CLICK HERE
      You can directly jump to EPF Grievance portal by Clicking HERE.

    • Hello Shyam,
      You can update your Father’s name by filing a form named “Joint Declaration Form” in which you and your employer’s signature both are mandatory. once you fill the form send it to PF authorities so they can make changes.
      Note: If you are not familiar with the Joint Declaration Form, We have given you a link down below in which we have given the steps to update the DOB using Joint declaration form. You can also use the=ose steps in order to update your father’s name.

      Click Here:

      Hope you like our given information, Do share your experience with a reply back.
      Team – EPFOSCHEME.IN

  12. Hi sir
    My name is somanatha v my UAN NO is 1003*******65, my UAN is not activated their is one problem date of birth is not mach in my account . How get my Date of birth in epfo recordes.

  13. Hai sir my uanportal aathar number and date of birth probelm so how to change my aathar and date of birth please help me sir


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