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Approve KYC In EPF | EPF KYC Verification Without Digital Signature | Complete Process To Approve KYC In EPF | December 2018 – Did you know that you can approve your KYC in EPF without even using the Digital Signature? all you have to do is E-Sign.

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Today we’ll teach you the complete process, that “How To Approve KYC In EPF Without Digital Signature”

We got so many queries from our visitors who are facing the issues during the verification with the digital signature. So we thought why don’t we teach you the easiest method to approve the same.

So, let us first tell you what can be the reason or problems that occur during the process of How To Approve KYC In EPF With Digital Signature.

What Can Be The Reason Behind “Approve KYC In EPF” Issues?

What we notice in some past few months was that the numbers of members are increasing day by day due to not getting approval for their KYC from their current or previous employer.

What’s The EPF KYC Approval Method?

Generally, when an employee of the organisation, updates their KYC information on EPFO portal. Then what happens is that the employer immediately gets those details/information on the employer EPF portal.

When the employer sees those details and on the other hand he/she have the valid Digital Signature, then they can instantly approve those KYC details on his/her end.

Now, You must be wondering…

UAN KYC Pending Online

Well, all we can say is that still, there are many employers who aren’t aware of the use of digital signature. and the result? The employees KYC update requests will remain pending at PF portal.

How E-Sign Can Save Your Time?

Sometimes, we got the queries where the problems are occurring because of the hardware issues. Means? When the Approve KYC In EPF process begins, then what we need is to attach the Digital Signature pen drive to the system, and because of hardware issues sometimes it leads you nowhere but in problems.

So, here is the main difference. The E-Sign doesn’t want or require any hardware or connections.

Now, you’ll learn “How To Approve KYC In EPF Without Digital Signature”

Approve KYC In EPF Without Digital Signature

As we told you that when the employee submits his/her KYC then the employer gets the same request in Employer PF Account under employer PF portal.

Step 1 – Employer must visit the Employer PF Portal to start the process.

Step 2 – Under the main menu section, Go to the “Member” section and from the drop-down menu, Click on the “APPROVALS” link.

Step 3 – Now, a new window will pop up where the employer can easily see the list of pending KYC requests and can start the Approve KYC In EPF process.

Step 4 – After clicking on to the View link of every request, The employer will get 3 different options:

  1. Approve KYC with Digital signature
  2. Approve KYC with E Sign
  3. Reject KYC update request

Like, in this case, we don’t have the Digital Signature. So, select the second option which is “Approve KYC with E Sign”

Step 5 – When the employer selects the given option. Immediately, the authorized person details will appear for further steps.

Step 6 – Now, click on the checkbox then generate OTP.

Step 7 – Once you generate the OTP. The authorized person of e Sign will receive the same.

Finally, Enter the received OTP in the respective field and approve KYC requests of employees.

Keep This In Mind!

The OTP that you’ll gonna receive, will be sent to the mobile number which is fully registered with your Aadhar card.

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  1. Dear sir,
    my previous company not update mu PAN and date of existing, so i am not able to transfer and withdraw my full amount. my previous company closed and all employee joined other company.
    So, please advice how to withdraw my PF or transfer without approved PAN and mention DOE.
    Thanks & regards
    Rajesh Kumar Shaw


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