Activate UAN – Complete Online & Offline Procedure To Activate Employees UAN Number


UAN Activation | UAN Number | UAN Login Passbook | Unified EPFO Portal | Online & Offline | December 2018 – UAN is a unique 12 digit number that is allotted to every worker by the employee provident fund organization. Here we’ll tell you how to activate UAN online. find more @EPFOSCHEME.IN

Updated – December 2018

The employee provident fund organization, when introduced The UAN (Universal account number) to their subscribers (who are employees) in order to help in various things like, One can easily transfer or withdraw his/her money easily as well as fast.

The UAN is manageable for all organisations, Also, the universal account number is unique for every employee so it can be used throughout India.

Multiple online facilities of UAN will be open right after the activation of UAN number. The process of activating uan online can be done via UAN member portal, EPF app & via SMS (using registered mobile number).

How To Get UAN or Universal Account Number Online

The known method is, that the employer will give the UAN to every employee. But, he won’t print the UAN numbers on the salary slips.

The employees who don’t know their UAN can get it online via UAN member portal. The EPFO has also provided the ease for employees in order to check the status of UAN.

Requirements To Get UAN number

There are some requirements that EPFO has set up, where one must have details mentioned below in order to get the UAN number search.

  • The visitor must have his/her PF number, which they can get from their salary slip.
  • Usually, the Name, but it should be exactly the same as in the PF records.
  • An active Mobile number must be available to you as the generated PIN will be sent to the given mobile number.
  • DOB (date of birth) is the last requirement, that will be exactly same as with the registered data in EPFO.

UAN Member Portal Login –

The EPFO has officially launched a dedicated UAN member portal for the subscribers who have activated UAN number. The member can do multiple things that are associated with Universal Account Number.

Once the member login, he/she can avail many facilities like View or Download EPF e-passbook, Link Adhaar With UAN Number Online, Update EPF KYC documents & much more.

How To Activate UAN Online For Login

As we all know, when the employee has an activate UAN number he/she can control whole of their EPF account but the biggest facility is after this the employee can minimize the role of his/her employer an can enjoy even more benefits without employer’s contribution.

If someone changes their job they can easily transfer the funds from one account to another.

The Employee Can Avail These Benefits Once They Activate UAN Number & Registration:

  1. Check status of allotted UAN
  2. Download EPF UAN member passbook
  3. Download UAN Card
  4. Activate UAN Online
  5. View Transfer Claim Status
  6. PF funds Transfer from one account to other
  7. Upload/Update KYC documents Online
  8. Link previous account number
  9. PF withdrawal without employer signature

Documents To Activate UAN Online

When you are going to get “Authorization PIN” to activate UAN online, You should know that before filling the form, there are some fields that are mandatory in order to activate UAN.

Below, you’ll find the requirement details that you have to fill in as a proof and the mandatory details that are marked with * (as shown in the image)

The Required Details are:-

Aadhaar Number
UAN Number
PF Number
PAN Number


The Mandatory Details are:-

Mobile Number
Email ID
DOB (date of birth)
Name & Surname

How To Activate UAN Online – Steps To Activate Universal Account Number

3 Easy Methods for UAN Activation

In order to UAN Activation, the member can use three different methods such as:

  1. UAN Activation Using UAN Member Portal
  2. UAN Activation By SMS
  3. UAN Activation Using EPFO Mobile App

Now, when you have your UAN the next and final step is to activate it. So, in order to activate your Universal Account Number, Follow our first method below.

Activate UAN Online Using UAN Member Portal

Step 1 – The visitors must go to the official EPFO website.

Step 2 – Now when you’re on the main window go to “Our Services” and then “Employees” and finally “UAN Activation” Our Service Employees  UAN activation.

Step 3 – A new window will now pop up, where on the right side you’ll have to find and select the EPFO-uan service.

Step 4 – Now, the visitors can download the official user-manual and read all the important information.

Note: This is just an optional step that a member can do.

Step 5 – Here the visitor can read the online user-manual or he/she can just simply click on the UAN Member Portal.

Step 6 – Visitors may now find and select the “Activate UAN” tab.

Step 7 – A new window with a form will pop up, where the member has to fill in some required ad some mandatory fields that we have told you in the previous steps.

Step 8 – On the recently opened window, The member has to enter their UAN which is allotted to them.

Step 9 – After filling the UAN, The next step is to select the state from the given drop-down menu and office.

Step 10 – From any one of these, select and fill the required information:

  • Establishment ID / EPF number
  • Aadhar
  • PAN
  • UAN

Step 11 – The fields with the * is mandatory, that you have to fill in order to activate UAN online.

Step 12 – When you successfully filled all the required fields, complete the CAPTCHA by filling the random figures and alphabets in order to confirm that you are human (The image will be available, from which to have to watch that what you have to write in that CAPTCHA Box).

Step 13 – After you successfully filled the CAPTCHA as well, hit the “Get Authorization PIN” button and soon you’ll get your pin number on the mobile number that you have given.

Step 14 – Right after you received the PIN, Click on the checkbox and enter the received PIN into it.

Step 15 – After filling the PIN, Click on the submit button.

Step 16 – A new window will now pop up, where the visitor’s name will be shown to him/her on the screen so you can check the spelling and verify the procedure.

Step 17 – The visitor’s can now create their unique username and password.

Step 18 – Next step is to enter the DOB, father’s name & other required detail.

Step 19 – Click on the checkbox, create and enter the password then Re-enter the password for security reason and confirmation.

Step 20 – Enter your email ID and click on the submit button

Step 21 – The UAN registration SMS will be received on the mobile number

Step 22 – Now, enter received Authorised PIN into the given box and hit submit button.

Your UAN will be Activated by EPFO Authority after verification of details.

UAN Activation By SMS

As the world going digital the activation process is also turning into as simple as can, and this process in one form them you can activate UAN by SMS, This is the simplest version in order to Activate UAN.

Note: This process only works for such employees who have registered their mobile number with EPFO and also knows their PF Account Number. So, let’s start the process of UAN activation using EPFO SMS service.

  1. Firstly, the member has to go to their regular text message section and should select the “Write New Message”.
  2. Now, carefully start typing: Text should be without a space before and after comma (,)
    • EPFOHO ACT,<<12 Digit UAN Number>>,<<22 Digit EPFO Member ID>>.
  3. After you done, Send it to 7738299899. (applicable charges may apply)
  4. When the message is successfully received and accepted by EPFO, one will receive a Confirmation SMS on his/her Mobile
  5. After all the process is done, The Universal Account Number will be soon Activated by the EPFO under a specific time period.

Activate UAN Online Through EPFO Mobile App (m-epf)

UAN activation by m-epf app is also a simple process, and it just requires a smartphone and by going through these 12 steps down below, You’ll be able to activate your UAN quickly. The steps are:

Our article on EPF Mobile App – Check PF Balance, Activate UAN, Download and View E-Passbook Online will explain you briefly

  1. Install the m-epf App on your Smartphone and hit RUN.
  2. Now, when the application is opened, search and click on the MEMBER tab, and it will lead you to a new screen.
  3. You can now easily see ACTIVATE UAN tab to proceed.
  4. Here, the member has to select his/her EPFO Office.
  5. Now fill in 7 Digit Establishment Code.
  6. The member also has to provide 7 Digit Employee Number & 3 Digit (Extension Code)
  7. Finally, enter your Universal Account Number and Mobile Number.
  8. Click on the tick Box.
  9. Lastly, Hit ACTIVATE key.

How To Get UAN When Your Employer Didn’t Inform You?

There are many employees facing trouble getting their UAN as their employers didn’t inform them about their Universal Account Number. Usually, the UAN will be on your monthly pay slip. If you didn’t get the UAN from your employer, then you can follow the steps below:-

  • Firstly, the visitors must go to the official member portal.
  • Now, find and click on the UAN activation / Check UAN status, you’ll find these links right on the login form.
  • A new window will now open where the visitors have to select there state and office.
  • The EPF number & establishment code is also required to make sure you enter it correctly.
  • When all the required information filled in correctly, hit check status button.

Instantly, you’ll find that your status of Universal Account Number will be shown on your computer screen or smartphone that your UAN is activated or not, If your UAN is activated you can take a printout of it or you can take a screenshot and contact your employer and can show him/her your activated UAN.

UAN Activation/Registration Benefits

There are many subscribers who have the UAN but they don’t know the benefits that they can get after registering / activation on the UAN member portal. Some of the UAN activation benefits listed below.

★ Download PF passbook

★ Update or Correct KYC Information

★ Check UAN Status

★ Track Withdrawal Claim Status

★ The Members Can Check PF Status

All the process of activation and checking UAN status can be done by going to Unified Member Portal, Click on the given button down below and begin the process.



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